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We are in a changing world where anybody can now have an “eye in the sky”. It is October, 2016 and I bought this drone for only 100 dollars. It is the UDI 818A made by Discovery.


Here is some video footage of this drone flying over my house. Warning! It is a little loud.

This drone has a shorter range and you have to keep an eye on it, as the camera is not real time.

Some of the more expensive drones have a range of 4 miles and have GPS. As you can see, Drones can be used as part of a perimeter defense. I believe a camera system with motion detectors should be a priority before getting a drone. You can’t spend all your time flying a drone around patrolling your property.

But a drone can be used to check on your neighbors and check out the roads and bridges to water sources.

I see drones possibly being used by bad guys as well. Protecting your food and water caches from flying cameras may now be an issue. If equipped with an infrared camera, I can envision the enemy being able to determine how many people are in a house.

Link To Wall Street Journal – Japanese Are Buying Up Safes

With negative interest rates, The Japanese government is hoping that people will gamble with their money to get the Japanese economy going again. So, If you put money in a bank. The bank actually takes money out of your account. This is a desperate sign. There may be a point when the Japanese government will just take depositor’s money, Like what was done in Greece.

I have always said that people should have cash on hand. Now it looks like people can no longer trust their banks and governments to protect them and their assets.

Everyone should have a few safes. At least one as a dummy safe, a cheaper one, with some money. This is the safe you can show to home invaders. If people start hording cash you can expect an increase in people breaking into homes and performing strong arm robberies.

These are desperate times with greedy, corporate run governments. Prepare yourself for anything.

Look into waterproof/fireproof safes. Don’t get lazy and take the time to bolt down your safes. Steelwater is a great brand!

Just this year, I learned an important lesson on the necessity of having a chainsaw ready to go. An ice storm hit and trees had people blocked in. The roads were covered with old trees. The local stores all sold out of chainsaws, chains, fuel, and chain oil.

You can see what I have now. A 16 inch chainsaw, a manual sharpening kit for the chain, fuel (expensive, but I like the premixed stuff in a sealed bottle), chain oil, an extra chain, and a small bow saw for backup. And of course, Don’t forget the eye protection.

It is important that you are familiar with you saws and know how to do things like sharpen the chain. You never know what adverse conditions you are going to be working it.


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