Backpacks for the survivalist. The starting point for your bug out bag system.

I love the Gregory brand. I have an old Gregory Shasta myself. The Baltoro looks alot like my pack that has served me well.
75 liters of available space in the pack. Internal frame pack. One feature this has that I feel is necessary for backcountry trekking is the internal compartment for the sleeping bag. I didn’t like strapping my sleeping bag to the outside of my pack.
For hardcore backcountry hiking where you will camping this is an great choice. If my Shasta were lost, I would buy the Baltoro.

Gregory Baltoro 75 Technical Pack, Iron Gray, Large

The North Face Recon day pack is also good for a small bug out bag. Popular brand pack for navigating tough trails. Also a stylish day pack to use as an everyday backpack for school or for a day hike.

Great family project idea would be to buy every family member one of these packs. Have everyone fill their pack. At the end of the day, have everyone share what they chose to put in their pack.

Buy Here – The North Face Recon