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12 Inch Combo Bow/Hack Saw for the Home And Overnight Camping

I have a bow saw / hack saw similar to this one. These are great to have around the house for trimming small trees. For weekend backpack trips, This is a nice tool to have as well. When me and my friend go for a quick overnight camping trip, He carries the hatchet and I carry the small saw.

Irwin 12-Inch Combi-Saw with Wood Cutting and Hacksaw Blades

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Corona Model RS 7265 Razor Folding Saw

This is a small pruning saw. Nice to throw in your pack or bug out bag. 10 Inch blade. 14 inches by 5 inches. Trim branches in limbs for shelter or fire. If you are breaking up limbs you can use this saw to cut part way through the limb to make the limb easier to break.

Buy Here – Corona Folding Saw

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Leatherman Model 830040 New Wave Multi-Tool

Great tool to carry in any survival situation. In the woods or on the streets. Or just nice to have at work for everyday carry. This is one of the most popular models made by Leatherman. Comes with a nylon sheath but also has a lanyard attachment (but does not include the Lanyard Ring).

Leatherman 830040 New Wave Multi-Tool with Nylon Sheath

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Model X7 14 Inch Hiking Hatchet By Fiskars

Nice lightweight hatchet for your backpack or bug out bag. Has a great balanced feel. You can use to cut up medium side logs for building a shelter or a fire. Made in Finland.

A friend of mine had of these and they are so much easier to use and carry than the old heavy hatchet I used to carry.

Buy Here – Fiskars 14-Inch Hatchet

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