Drones For Survivalism

We are in a changing world where anybody can now have an “eye in the sky”. It is October, 2016 and I bought this drone for only 100 dollars. It is the UDI 818A made by Discovery.


Here is some video footage of this drone flying over my house. Warning! It is a little loud.

This drone has a shorter range and you have to keep an eye on it, as the camera is not real time.

Some of the more expensive drones have a range of 4 miles and have GPS. As you can see, Drones can be used as part of a perimeter defense. I believe a camera system with motion detectors should be a priority before getting a drone. You can’t spend all your time flying a drone around patrolling your property.

But a drone can be used to check on your neighbors and check out the roads and bridges to water sources.

I see drones possibly being used by bad guys as well. Protecting your food and water caches from flying cameras may now be an issue. If equipped with an infrared camera, I can envision the enemy being able to determine how many people are in a house.

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