NIRP – The Japanese Are Buying Up Safes And You Should Too

Link To Wall Street Journal – Japanese Are Buying Up Safes

With negative interest rates, The Japanese government is hoping that people will gamble with their money to get the Japanese economy going again. So, If you put money in a bank. The bank actually takes money out of your account. This is a desperate sign. There may be a point when the Japanese government will just take depositor’s money, Like what was done in Greece.

I have always said that people should have cash on hand. Now it looks like people can no longer trust their banks and governments to protect them and their assets.

Everyone should have a few safes. At least one as a dummy safe, a cheaper one, with some money. This is the safe you can show to home invaders. If people start hording cash you can expect an increase in people breaking into homes and performing strong arm robberies.

These are desperate times with greedy, corporate run governments. Prepare yourself for anything.

Look into waterproof/fireproof safes. Don’t get lazy and take the time to bolt down your safes. Steelwater is a great brand!

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