Everybody knew that Greece wasn’t gonna be able to dig itself out of its hole. Banks are being closed and ATMs are being drained. I believe this could easily be what is in store for the USA. The US government has bailed out all the entities that caused the problems in 2008.

The Federal Reserve has kept the interest rates at 0 forcing people to gamble on Wall Street. Companies that make nothing are receiving huge capital influxes, because people have nowhere else to put their money. This is the 1920s again, But we don’t have the leadership to deal with the problems that are coming.

How To Prepare.

Buy And Store Food

Hold on to some cash.

Diversify your money to preserve your wealth. Gold, Survival Land, Silver, Bonds, and bitcoins.

My Silver Bullion Collection
I have started buying some precious metals. Starting out slow and learning as I go. I like silver because I can buy an once and not break the bank. Right now, on 5/23/2015, the spot price for an ounce of silver is $17.10. The price has come down and people are not as interested in Silver as they were when the price hit about $40 an ounce.

What I have learned so far. I like bullion either silver rounds or bars. It is important that the size and weight are printed on the bullion (ie. “1 Troy Once .999 Fine Silver”.) You want to stay away from anything that has the word “clad” or “leaf”.

Keep quiet about your precious metals collection and keep your bullion secure. Thieves love precious metals cause they are easy to sell and are difficult to trace.

It is a debated topic whether precious metals are useful in a survival situation. I think if total mayhem is taking place, Than precious metals won’t seem to be high on your survival list. But, It is nice to preserve your wealth for after something like a world wide disaster. When things settle down you will have something to prepare for reconstruction.

Also, A plausible disaster situation is the economy itself. We are in the midst of a worldwide currency war. We have no way to determine how this will end. The world’s currencies could become useless. You never know.

My Favorite Sources:
JM Bullion
Amagi Metals
Also check Ebay! – Make sure the seller has good feedback.